Who is a Mail-order Bride?

Mail order brides are women searching for their true love and destiny on the Internet. They are interested in Western men because of their attitude towards women and better standards of life. Foreign brides are very popular due to their qualities and orientation to the family. There are many real mail-order bride stories, which prove the effectiveness of such dating. However, it is necessary to know certain dating rules and peculiarities of the Internet brides to find real love.

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Mail-order bride experience

International mail-order brides are women who are ready for serious relations. They know exactly what they want. To find mail ordered bride, you should register on one of the specialized websites offering mail-order bride services. The algorithm of its work is simple:

  • There is a database of potential mail-order wives. Each woman is carefully selected. The agencies try to do everything to provide you with an appropriate level of security.
  • You register on the website and create an account where your requirements are described and personal information with photos is presented.
  • You look for the girls and start communicating with them.
  • You select a woman who meets your requirements and whom you really like.
  • Both of you keep communicating and developing your relations. The final stage of successful online dating is marriage.

Mail-order bride sites usually provide full assistance and support throughout the dating period and marriage preparations.

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International online dating success stories

There are plenty of stories, which prove the effectiveness of such services:

  • There is a woman at my gym in Canada who is a mail-order bride. She is about 30. A few years ago, she married a local 45-year-old guy. They seem happy and she really takes care of him. I see them quite often. She is very inspired when tells their story of online dating for the hundredth time.
  • A former high school teacher of mine married a mail-order bride from Vietnam. He met her on a website and conversed for a few months. Then he went over there to meet her family and brought her to Canada to marry her. He was a bit of a strange guy who didn’t have much luck with the ladies. They are still married even though she got US citizenship and found a competitive job.

You can find much more examples of happy international marriages between people who found each other with the help of mail-order bride services.

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Why do women become mail-order brides?

There are different types of women presented on the dating sites. The majority of them live in the countries of developing economies such as Belarus, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, and others. There are various reasons for the decision to become a mail-order bride:

  • An opportunity to improve life and live in better living conditions
  • A chance to feel more comfortable because Western men have a better attitude towards women
  • An opportunity to get an education or find a competitive job
  • A real chance to get a wealthy husband able to support them
  • An opportunity to create a family with a serious man and find true love.

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Mail-order bride statistics

The issue of interracial marriages is not new to the modern world. Such matches are quite common for the majority of people. Moreover, over 80% of Western families are very positive about the issue. Multiple studies show that international marriages are even more successful than traditional ones. Just look at the statistics:

  • Interracial marriages demonstrate a much lower divorce rate, which is less than 30%
  • Over 85% of such marriages last for the whole life.

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Mail-order brides’ peculiarities

There are various kinds of ladies who become mail-order brides. Each nationality has definite features. That’s why before you start searching for a wife, consider the typical characteristics of the ladies:

  • Vietnamese girls. They definitely know how to please a man. Such ladies are full of love and joy. They have conservative family values and respect their men. Their unreal beauty is one of their greatest advantages.
  • Thai girls. They have a very exotic appearance, which attracts attention. Their dedication to men is the key advantage of such brides. Besides, girls are very seductive and hard-working.
  • Filipino girls. They can offer not just their enigmatic beauty but also a strong character. Western men love them for their traditional views and feminine behavior. They are good partners able to support during hard times as well.
  • Russian girls. There are many people claiming that those women are one of the most beautiful in the world. They are clever, funny, family-oriented, and sincere. Their character is strong enough, so you can hardly find a submissive girl in this country. They are able to be supportive and helpful for their husbands. Besides, they are wonderful mothers while self-realization is also important for them.
  • Ukrainian girls. These women have a unique beauty, the best in the world. They are very emotional, that’s why you will never get bored with them. Such women are lively and full of joy. Thanks to their upbringing, they are good wives and mothers. A man is a leader of the family for them.
  • Columbian girls. With their dark eyes and tanned skin, such women are very seductive. They are funny and extremely passionate. The girls are quite jealous and they always express their opinion. At the same time, they are faithful wives with traditional family values.

Mail-order brides’ traditions

Along with the character of the girls, it is essential to know certain traditions to understand your potential bride deeper:

  • Russian newlyweds share a wedding sweetbread after the wedding ceremony. The one who takes the biggest bite becomes the head of the family.
  • A man in Ukraine is to prove his worth by paying a ransom for a woman, giving gifts to her family or dancing/singing for them
  • The Chinese groom’s family asks a fortune teller to select a wedding day in accordance with the astrological calendar. The same concerns the Vietnamese people. The bride in China always wears a red skirt, which is a symbol of delight.
  • The minister drapes a lasso made of rosary beads and flowers around the shoulders of the newlyweds in the shape of figure eight during the Mexican ceremony. It is a symbol of the union and infinity.
  • For Filipinos, a wedding is an important event. The number of guests varies from 200 to 500.
  • In Latin America, a Mi Nina Bonita song is often played during the father-daughter dance.

There are more traditions, which greatly influence people’s behavior and preferences. If you know more about the culture of your potential wife, she will be impressed.

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Mail-order brides’ peculiarities

Your behavior is very important for successful relations with a foreign bride. There are general rules to follow:

  • You should not just mention their beauty but make efforts to know as much as possible about your woman to show your interest.
  • Be polite and try to stay calm even if you feel irritated about something (for instance, a language barrier).
  • Be respectful of her personality, values, family, and traditions.
  • Try to be romantic, for example, you can use different options provided by mail-order bride sites to impress a girl.
  • Be generous and show that you are ready to spend your money on her.

Relations with mail-order brides

There are certain difficulties when it concerns long-distant relations with such girls:

  • A language barrier
  • Absence of physical chemistry
  • Cultural differences
  • Varied intentions of girls.

Mail-order bride sites and their services

The number and types of options depend on the agency. The most common services include:

  • Search mechanism
  • Means for communication (for instance, Live chat, calls, messaging, etc.)
  • Flower delivery
  • 24/7 support
  • Anti-scam protection
  • Assistance throughout the search

Many resources additionally offer marriage organization, visa/other papers preparation, translations, etc.


With our guide and useful tips, you can find a suitable woman and avoid any kind of troubles or risks connected with mail-order brides.

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